Founded in 1992, Uslucan is a knitted fabric manufacturer.

Our goal is to make the production of raw, dyed and printed fabrics as fast as possible, with the best price and quality by using the latest technology.

We commit to producing an average of 800 tons of monthly production with awareness of environmental obligations and by providing work safety to a person working on behalf of our organization in a safe environment. With this awareness, we also hold documents such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100, GOTS, OCS.

We are doing our own research and developments on international standards with the fabrics that we design in addition to customer requests in 4 geige to 34 geige machine trails.

We are working hard to meet the demands of our customers and business partners.

We are exporting fabrics to many countries of the world directly, besides the ready-to-wear companies which are producing worldwide famous chain stores in the domestic market, and then exporting

We aim to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality and the best cost.

As a company that understands the importance of human relations, we continue our efforts to increase the satisfaction of our employees and all other stakeholders as well as our customers and to make this satisfaction lasting for many years.

Through years of experience, we aim to be an indispensable business partner of the leading brands in the world.

Our organization’s main principle is to offer high attention to the production process,  employment of professional staff, reliability of our high quality Uslucan name.

Our company will continue to work with the environment as it was in the past and will continue to support its environmental institutions